Hey Gaga, what’s your favorite foods to eat? Ask me what are my favorite foods. Are you interested in history, science, and art? Do you like reading about dictators to be against dictators? And are you interested in science and art history, american history, and the history of the civil war? ASk me if I’m interested in science and history. Hey Gaga, what are your favorite pastimes, such as the american classic sport of basketball, and watching tv, another favorite american pasttime? Ask me what are my favorite american pastimes. What are your favorite movie genres to watch, my faves are horror and comedy. What is your favorite porn film, my favorite is deep throat even though I’ve never seen it, I want to see the movie Dr. Zhivago, and Pirates XXX. What’s your favorite record albums and ask me what my favorite record albums are. Asl me about what my favorite animals are and I’ll ask you what your favorite animals are. A tiger, a canary? Maybe a lion, or maybe a leopard. 


Hey Gaga, whats your favorite way a guy could ask for consent before having sex, i do not condone unconsensual sex because it is not cool. I wanna ask for consensual sex in a way thats respectful and makes us equal participants in lovemaking. I want a consenual good time and want to talk about how to have the consenual love.

Hey Gaga, what is your favorite way to start a conversation to engage with a guy that turns you on and makes you horny? And what is your favorite slogan when you want sex? And how do you take me to your leader? What’s your favorite sexual position and your favorite style of intercourse? Do you enjoy cunnilingus and S & M? What’s your role as a sexual partner? Is your role “being a beast”, is your role “I’ll have total control if you love me”? My role will be alpha male and you will be the alpha female!

Lady Gaga, what are your expectations you hope for in a guy, honesty and loyalty, someone who like to have a good time, sometimes flirtatious and likes to party, do you like a guy who cross-dresses sometimes, do you like glam rock lead singers? Lady Gaga, what are your long term plans for your future, do you wanna have kids, a family, do you want to be in love with a rockstar? Lady Gaga, my musical interests are you, GG Allin, who i know is one of your personal faves, Marilyn Manson, Madonna, my own band Flaming Dragons, the new york dolls, black sabbath, nine inch nails, black flag, the misfits, danzig, slayer, rap an hip hop, 80’s synth pop, motown and soul music, mettalica, iron maiden, and all the glam rock bands of the 70’s and 80’s, I love alice Cooper, I love pop hits of today, I love death metal. What are your musical interests? What are your favorite hobbies, your favorite food to eat, ask me whats my favorite food? What are your favorite games to play and what kind of sex are you interested in having?

I am a very outgoing person, very artistic, 21 years old and I live in Greenfield Massachusetts. I’m in a band called Flaming Dragons of Middle Earth, and I think you’re a musical genious and outgoing person, and I dream of becoming a famous glam pop star. I have Muscular Dystrophy, ADHD, Dyslexia, and Anxiety. I know you have some emotional diabilities as well. I’m a very outgoing person also, and I am obsessed about your aura, of your life and you fascinate me, you feel like new life to me, you make me feel like I’m pure. I dream of hooking up with you, I think I’m attracted to your inner and outer beauty, I think you’re a goddess.