Lady Gaga, what are your expectations you hope for in a guy, honesty and loyalty, someone who like to have a good time, sometimes flirtatious and likes to party, do you like a guy who cross-dresses sometimes, do you like glam rock lead singers? Lady Gaga, what are your long term plans for your future, do you wanna have kids, a family, do you want to be in love with a rockstar? Lady Gaga, my musical interests are you, GG Allin, who i know is one of your personal faves, Marilyn Manson, Madonna, my own band Flaming Dragons, the new york dolls, black sabbath, nine inch nails, black flag, the misfits, danzig, slayer, rap an hip hop, 80’s synth pop, motown and soul music, mettalica, iron maiden, and all the glam rock bands of the 70’s and 80’s, I love alice Cooper, I love pop hits of today, I love death metal. What are your musical interests? What are your favorite hobbies, your favorite food to eat, ask me whats my favorite food? What are your favorite games to play and what kind of sex are you interested in having?


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